New 2015 Focus Features Enhanced Transitional Stability Technology

 What’s better than a car that helps prevent spinouts once they occur?  How about a car that can predict a spin before it even begins.

The new 2015 Ford Focus has a feature that actively determines when the car meet the conditions that may lead to a spin and then electronically intervenes to help prevent the driver from losing control. This feature, known as enhanced transitional stability technology, can help deliver better handling in highly dynamic driving maneuvers. Information related to the car’s speed, steering wheel position, turn rate of the steering wheel and other input is considered to determine when a skid is imminent. Once a risk is identified, braking is applied to individual wheels to help the driver maintain control and continue on the intended path.

Enhanced transitional stability technology comes standard on the new 2015 Focus and combines real-time data from sensors throughout the car to anticipate a potential spin by 100 to 200 milliseconds.

Engineers have been working hard to ensure the new Focus feels more connected to the road and is even easier to drive. Enhanced transitional stability technology is just one of the new and improved chassis control innovations developed by Ford engineers that lead to better driving dynamics and handling on the 2015 Ford Focus.

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