Only the Strongest Trucks Will Survive

Competition is tough in the truck industry.  Many companies offer trucks but only few stand out from the crowd.
Ford has been building trucks that consistently stand out from the crowd.
The quality of Ford trucks is something that the automaker prides itself on because respect in the truck industry is hard to earn and maintain.  And arguably the very best way to earn that respect is by building quality trucks.
Many things go into creating a quality truck.  One of the most overlooked is testing.  Trucks must be tested time and again to determine if they'll be able to survive on the open road.
A video that demonstrates how Ford trucks are tested offers a seldom-seen look at this process.  The video goes behind the scenes to illustrate what Ford trucks must endure in order to be deemed "road-ready."
Never underestimate the quality of Ford trucks -- these beasts are built to last.
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