The Ford F-150 Shocks and Awes

We're simply blown away by the Ford F-150.  We feel it has just about everything anyone could ever want or need from a truck.
And, as illustrated by the video below, the F-150 can handle every job -- whether work or play-related -- with relative ease.  It provides world-class performance, safety, fuel economy, comfort and space.
We're altogether smitten by its spacious interior and highly comfortable seating.  Plus, when you're backing out of a tight spot, the F-150's high-resolution rearview camera has your back.
Don't stress; instead, enjoy strolling to the back of the truck to activate the flatbed's integrated LED lights, allowing you to continue working even when the sun sets.  Adjustable from the rear, the LED lights can also be toggled from the truck's cabin.
Also of note is its keyless entry system, as it makes the conundrum of having full hands a thing of the past.  So long as the F-150's key on your person when you approach the pickup, its doors will unlock automatically.
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