Celebrate 2017 the Right Way with the 2017 Ford Fiesta

The new 2017 Ford Fiesta is giving you a choice. Do you want more room, or a compact design? Would you like more fuel efficiency, or more space and utility? Do you need to move people and things or just commute to work each day. Do you need a sedan or a hatchback? The fiesta comes in two flavors, because not everyone needs the same thing.

The benefits of the sedan model are greater efficiency and a more compact design. While the hatchback has more space and potentially more utility going for it. There are also aesthetic differences, some may find they prefer one model over the other. But the two have many similarities. The Fiesta, both models, has a sleek design and comfortable interior. Driving should be a joy not a chore after all. It also has all the modern safety features and reliability you should expect from a new vehicle.

If your interested in more, head on over to our showroom to see for yourself which is better!
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