Halloween Scare: The Right Way

Most people love scary movies for the same reason why we love Halloween. The thrill of the scare and the adrenaline rush during the few minutes of fear are exhilarating. However, Halloween is also associated with poor safety, and this could ruin your holiday if you don't follow a few simple tips.

At Pat Milliken Ford Inc., we are dedicated to ensuring that this Halloween we only have the right kind of scare. We believe that if everyone took an active step to ensuring safety, then we can reduce the number of accidents. The kids under the age of 12 should have an adult accompany them for the trick-or-treaters walks. They should also be given flashlights or glow sticks. These make sure that they can be seen by a driver from a distance. Their clothes too should be made of bright colors. Reflective materials are best as they are easily visible. The costume should also be fitting to avoid tripping and falling.

We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween this year, and look forward to seeing you for a test drive soon.


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