Stay out of Harm's Way with the 2018 Ford Escape

Drifting puts a crossover in the path of other cars. Still, it happens more often than Redford, MI drivers would like. To help, the Ford Escape offers a multi-faceted lane keeping system.

The Ford system uses cameras to watch lane lines. You can choose how you want the system to respond. If the Escape drifts out of its marked path, the steering wheel vibrates to warn the driver to straighten the crossover's trajectory. To assist, the system may apply torque to the appropriate wheels, giving the vehicle a gentle push back into its lane. In addition to this crash avoidance system, shoppers can get automated parking assistance, adaptive cruise control, and an auto brake.

You can test out these and other high-tech features at Pat Milliken Ford Inc.. Get behind the wheel and put the Escape through its paces.

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