Do You Need to Check Your Car's Differential?

If you have been going to the dealership for regular tune-ups and oil changes, then you probably think everything is good with your car. However, are you checking your car's differential? Ever car's front or rear axle has a differential, which must be lubricated. The differential helps turn the wheels with your engine so that your car can move properly.

However, if your differential is not lubricated properly, then your car might start running roughly or be unable to move forward in extreme cases. This is because a differential has gears which help turn your wheels as fast as you need them to. Without proper lubrication, the differential is unable to turn at the right velocity.

At your next oil change, you can ask your mechanic to check that your differential is lubricated properly in order to avoid these issues. If you have any questions about your differential, you can always check with the service team at Pat Milliken Ford Inc.. We offer amazing rates at 9600 Telegraph Road for oil changes, tune-ups, and differential service.

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