Surprise Yourself with the Top Performance of the Fiesta ST

If you don't expect an affordable car to surprise you, get behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST. This hot hatch cranks out top power for its size and class. You are sure to love how it handles highways in the Redford, MI region.

Every Fiesta ST comes with the Ford brand's EcoBoost technology that has been designed specifically for this small, aerodynamic model. Outlay is rated at 197 horsepower and 202 lb.-ft. of torque. Ford adds performance brake pads to ensure that stopping power matches the car's speedy nature. A lower stance and more communicative steering promote the racy way the ST holds the road. In the cabin, sport chairs offer to hold the driver tight on curves.

You can get in on the fun when you test drive the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST at Pat Milliken Ford Inc.

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