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Buy Used Over New

Buying your car used from our team here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. has so many benefits and makes total sense. Not only will buying used be easier on the budget, but you will not be losing out due to the same depreciation rates as a new car. Used cars also provide quality transportation at a more affordable rate. Plus, used cars are priced lower than new ones.

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From Barracks to Backstage: Ford’s Mustang Moments

When Kela Holmes was a young woman, she had one dream career: to become an opera singer. When she was in college it was her plan, however, financial issues brought that option to a close. When a military recruiter came to her college, Kela signed up.

Though the career path she took—as soldier—was quite different than what she wanted to do originally, she made the best of it. She also felt proud that she was serving her country and helping people.

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Camping and Ford: a Long-Standing Tradition

Have you ever had a camping experience that you never wanted to end? Ever dreamed of touring much of the United States and camping out every night? The great outdoors provides us with so much and immersing oneself in nature not only builds great memories but is good for our psyche, too. Especially in this digital age which is so fast paced, it’s important to have that downtime in a natural setting.

Henry Ford knew this. It’s part of the reason why he and these other famous men took to traveling the country and camping out.

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