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Buy Used Over New

Buying your car used from our team here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. has so many benefits and makes total sense. Not only will buying used be easier on the budget, but you will not be losing out due to the same depreciation rates as a new car. Used cars also provide quality transportation at a more affordable rate. Plus, used cars are priced lower than new ones.

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Ford and Surfers Healing: a Beautiful Thing

Do you know someone affected by autism? The mental condition is characterized by a child being unable to communicate effectively and struggling to form attachments. It’s a challenge for some of the children with this disorder to live happy, well-adjusted lives.

That’s where a nonprofit organization like Surfers Healing steps in. The group assists kids with autism in exploring the world of surfing. Together, each child in the camp is paired with a skilled rider and rides the waves on their surfboard.

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Google and Ford In Talks For an Harmonious Collaboration

If you think it must have been challenging securing an advantageous match is the days of the Tudors and the Stuarts, Google and Ford are ready to give even the most strategic monarchs a run for their money. Divine right and the fates of realms might not be in question, but the automotive world is certainly on the edge of its tires waiting for a formal announcement. Why all the deliberation? Google wants Ford to help create its next generation of autonomous cars. Read the full article below from for more information.

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Ford Bronco Celebrates 50 Years of All-Terrain Power

Ford Bronco Celebrates 50 Years of All-Terrain Power In its heyday, the Ford Bronco was about as wild as a vehicle could get, crushing any challenging off-road surface it climbed. It also defined the SUV category with its birth in 1966, lending its four-wheel-drive prowess to the later model SUVs of the 90s. Check out the vintage commercial below for a closer look at this classic vehicle. Feeling nostalgic? We certainly are, here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. in Redford, MI. Why not stop by our s
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