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Pre-Road Trip Checklist to Help You Before Heading on Vacation

When the time comes that you are ready to take a vacation, planning on your destination can be difficult if you want to drive to where you are going. If you are traveling a good distance from home, you will want to check the following items at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. before you leave for your trip.

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Ford Police Responders Upgrade to Hybrid Models

The Ford Motor Company has a long history of supplying police departments with reliable, speedy, and hard-working cars. In fact, Ford has been offering some really remarkable cars to police departments since the early 1950s. Who could forget the Ford Mainline, the Crown Victoria, and later still, the Ford Galaxie? Now, the auto manufacturer is unveiling a new type of Ford car for police: a hybrid.


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From Barracks to Backstage: Ford’s Mustang Moments

When Kela Holmes was a young woman, she had one dream career: to become an opera singer. When she was in college it was her plan, however, financial issues brought that option to a close. When a military recruiter came to her college, Kela signed up.

Though the career path she took—as soldier—was quite different than what she wanted to do originally, she made the best of it. She also felt proud that she was serving her country and helping people.

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Ford and Surfers Healing: a Beautiful Thing

Do you know someone affected by autism? The mental condition is characterized by a child being unable to communicate effectively and struggling to form attachments. It’s a challenge for some of the children with this disorder to live happy, well-adjusted lives.

That’s where a nonprofit organization like Surfers Healing steps in. The group assists kids with autism in exploring the world of surfing. Together, each child in the camp is paired with a skilled rider and rides the waves on their surfboard.

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Camping and Ford: a Long-Standing Tradition

Have you ever had a camping experience that you never wanted to end? Ever dreamed of touring much of the United States and camping out every night? The great outdoors provides us with so much and immersing oneself in nature not only builds great memories but is good for our psyche, too. Especially in this digital age which is so fast paced, it’s important to have that downtime in a natural setting.

Henry Ford knew this. It’s part of the reason why he and these other famous men took to traveling the country and camping out.

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Google and Ford In Talks For an Harmonious Collaboration

If you think it must have been challenging securing an advantageous match is the days of the Tudors and the Stuarts, Google and Ford are ready to give even the most strategic monarchs a run for their money. Divine right and the fates of realms might not be in question, but the automotive world is certainly on the edge of its tires waiting for a formal announcement. Why all the deliberation? Google wants Ford to help create its next generation of autonomous cars. Read the full article below from for more information.

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