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Things You Can Put in a DIY Roadside Emergency Kit

You should never go throughout life without a roadside emergency kit for your car. Accidents happen spontaneously, and people are not as willing to pull over and help as they used to be years ago. What you will need to do is get a huge box and then load it up with the most important elements like:
  • A flashlight
  • An extra cell phone battery
  • A car jack
  • Jumper cables
  • Gloves
  • Gallons of water
  • A toolset
  • Snacks
  • Blankets and a change of clothing
There are no rules that you have to follow when you set up your emergency kit. Just gather…
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The 2017 Ford Escape Makes Perfect Sense

There are many options available when shopping for a new car. Buyers take careful consideration to ensure that they are purchasing an automobile that will suit all of their needs and fit into a budget. The 2017 Ford Escape is an attractive item. It comes at a reasonable price and holds all of the modern technical advances expected of such a vehicle. The interior has a high end luxury feel. The new Ford Escape seats several passengers comfortably and has cargo room to store necessary equipment. The engine is fuel efficient which saves its owners a ton of money at…
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Celebrate 2017 the Right Way with the 2017 Ford Fiesta

The new 2017 Ford Fiesta is giving you a choice. Do you want more room, or a compact design? Would you like more fuel efficiency, or more space and utility? Do you need to move people and things or just commute to work each day. Do you need a sedan or a hatchback? The fiesta comes in two flavors, because not everyone needs the same thing.

The benefits of the sedan model are greater efficiency and a more compact design. While the hatchback has more space and potentially more utility going for it. There are also aesthetic differences, some may…
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The 2017 Ford C-Max is one awesome compact car

When it comes to a top notch compact car, it needs to be one that has ample room but at the same time has a powerful motor. A motor that gets high gas mileage and one versatile enough for all different size of families. This can certainly be said of the 2017 Ford C-Max.

When it comes to gas mileage and compact vehicles, the 2017 Ford C-Max stands tall among its competitors. 42 mpg city and 38 mpg highway shows just how versatile this car can be. Then there is the hybrid component. Electricity is becoming more commonplace and it…
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What Kind Of Oil Is The Most Suitable For Your Vehicle?

We all know, or at the very least, we should know, how important engine oil is to the safety and durability of your vehicle. Quite simply, without engine oil, your car's engine would overheat, and go up in flames. The engine oil also clears impurities from your motor that may hamper operations and cause oxidation to your engine parts.

How do you know which engine oil is best for you? Synthetic oil is generally superior to conventional or natural oil. It provides better protection and lubrication to your motor. However...
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An Oil Change is Essential for Your Car!

Do you watch what you put into your car as much as what you put into your body? Your car's oil is the life blood of your car to keep all the parts moving and the engine running smoothly by its natural design. You should change your oil every 3,000 miles up to 10,000 miles for some type of cars or trucks.

Your dealership can do a oil change and more for you if you take it in to them now. The oil in your car and the filter are designed to trap harmful debris and keep…
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Ford Has a Slam-Dunk Sedan in the 2017 Fusion Hybrid

Are you seeking a fresh-faced family hauler with a flair for frugality? Well, if so, you're in luck, as we here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. have a vehicle that's likely to fit your automotive needs like a glove.

And its name?

Why, none other than the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid! Have a looksee at the clip below to hear all about it from Autotrader pundit Jabari Jones:

The Fusion Hybrid's drivetrain is no doubt an intriguing one. Its 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine pairs with a lithium-ion battery-pack-powered electric motor to produce a potent 188 horsepower…

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Only the Strongest Trucks Will Survive

Competition is tough in the truck industry.  Many companies offer trucks but only few stand out from the crowd.
Ford has been building trucks that consistently stand out from the crowd.
The quality of Ford trucks is something that the automaker prides itself on because respect in the truck industry is hard to earn and maintain.  And arguably the very best way to earn that respect is by building quality trucks.
Many things go into creating a quality truck.  One of the most overlooked is testing.  Trucks must be tested time and again to determine if they'll be able…
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