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What Does My Transfer Case Do?

A transfer case is the difference between a two-wheel and four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle. Located behind the transmission, it allows you to adjust the gear ratio from two-wheel to 4WD. The transfer case gears work with the help of the driveshaft to transfer power from the transmission to the front and rear axles.

By creating that balance of power between the axles, the 4WD is set in motion, the wheels’ rotational speed is reduced, and they are synchronized to turn at the same speed. This provides the traction needed to get through rugged terrain.

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Do You Need to Check Your Car's Differential?

If you have been going to the dealership for regular tune-ups and oil changes, then you probably think everything is good with your car. However, are you checking your car's differential? Ever car's front or rear axle has a differential, which must be lubricated. The differential helps turn the wheels with your engine so that your car can move properly.

However, if your differential is not lubricated properly, then your car might start running roughly or be unable to move forward in extreme cases. This is because a differential has gears which help turn your wheels as fast…

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Check Your Brake Fluid

Here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc., we have qualified service technicians who can check your fluids and take care of any maintenance that your vehicle may need. Brake fluid is one of the fluids that should be monitored periodically.

What does brake fluid do for your car? Automotive brakes are designed to stop your vehicle at a moment's notice, so you and your passengers stay safe. The amount of force required to do this is more than what you use to step on the brake pedal. Your brakes use brake fluid to pneumatically clamp a brake pad against each…

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Professional Service You Can Rely On at Pat Milliken Ford Inc.

When your beloved vehicle is in need of repairs or maintenance, do you rely on the local mechanic with no particular expertise or do you trust a factory-certified Ford technician with years and years of experience on Ford vehicles? Well, we here at Pat Milliken Ford Inc. think the latter is a much better option and we know that drivers from all over the Redford, MI areas agree! Our professionally-trained technicians can take care of anything that's wrong with your Ford model, so come out to our Ford service center and get the automotive satisfaction you deserve.


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